Dare to Dive — SkyDive

Date: 31th March, 2017

Place, Dubai

One of the life time dream and experience completed on this day. I must say in this post most of the pics are not clicked by me, but still i cant stop myself from writing about this amazing exp and share the story.

Its all started by making one of our friend birthday special by doing skydive together. But that didn’t happen, as we do not get slot on the birthday, we got the slot on 11th March, which have to be postponed at last moment because of bad weather.

We were already waiting for the D Day, now we have to wait till 31st to jump out of the plane 😛

Finally day came, still was not very sure, it will happen or not. All 5 of us got the different slot, but we have the assurance that they will allow us to jump in the same plane. With lots of hope and excitement in out mind, we reached to the place SKYDIVE DUBAI 🙂


then the final count down started, we were observing other people, instrument, instructors and all things around it. These are the things which is gonna save our life.


We all were so excited, thrilled, waiting for our turn, doing masti, fun, group pics and lot more.

Then our photographer came up with camera and start taking interview, how you feeling, message for your friends and family and all. There was nothing much to say, so i said, “Live your life and do as much adventure as you can” because ” life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. Finally time came to go up and jump down…

I will not say that i was not nervous, because i was. it was so beautiful up there, big big skyscraper  looking like tiny sticks, blue see was looking so peaceful. You can see one of biggest and beautiful manmade island and much much more.

feeling of free fall, rushing towards ground with speed of 120 mph was one of the thrilling feeling. the only complain i had it was very less. I was feeling like, lets try to jump from the space 😛

After all the thrill of free fall, it was the time to open the parachute. if it open properly than its all good, else you a dead. Thanks to my talented jumper, it was not an issue


after gliding around Jumaira and seeing all small sticks/building become big again. we came down smoothly in the ground. Done with biggest adventure of my life SO FAR…

waiting to explore world from different view points.

” The goal is to die with memories not dreams”

As always searching for magnificent view.

-$@(# in




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