Dubai Festival City

Date: 2nd Jun,2017

Place: Dubai Festival City

Its a wonderful place to visit, wander and enjoy the show. I would suggest each and everyone whoever is visiting to Dubai must go to this place. The show is much better than Dubai mall fountain show, also going  to festival city is included RTA boat ride which is good and less crowded.

to reach festival city you need to take the boat, so you should build one


or you can take better option by using RTA boat, which is already build. It will cost you just 2 AED.


the view which you get from boat is mesmerising. It was really a add on for me, I was expecting to see wonderful ice and fire show, additionally i got to see better view and capture few.

As i said earlier the show is really worth watching. The way projectors and laser are creating 3D view on the water fountains is really amazing.


Apart from the show, the mall is less crowded and filled with restaurant and shops, which has most creative and inventive interior design i have ever seen. Unfortunately i have not captured many pics of the same, since my camera battery was dying.

on top of this, it has delightful view Dubai canal and some bridge, which has vivid lighting.


as always in pursuit of vibrant view.

-$@(# in



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