Small Objects

Date: 9th Jun, 2017

Place: My Room, Dubai

Its really hot day in Dubai, so no plan to go out, in day time at least. So the plan is to, enjoy some new movies and series in Netflix and read something from here and something from there šŸ˜‰

While doing random surfing on internet, i come by one really nice blog Dich AutoĀ about photography. It has quite a few weekly challenges, which I am thinking of doing in coming weeks. Here is the first, as title described its about the small objects.

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”

General and his favourite WAR machine….


Well general has few other hobbies also, as such watching movies, dancing, roaming around in his car etc etc….


and mr. general own many vehicles, but below is his favourite šŸ™‚


and of-course, if you are living in a desert, than you have to have a camel.


General’s car parked outside few of exquisitely designed Arabian doors,


and here are the dimensionally comparative images of Ā the objects…


as always searching and capturingĀ fascinating images……

-$@(# in


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