Amritsar – The City of Sikh

Date: 23th Jun, 2017

Place: Amritsar, India

Its the heart of Panjab and for Panjabies its the heart of the world. First thing you will notice here is the hospitality of the people. I got an affectionate welcome at the home of my friend’s-> friend’s-> friend’s home.

Well for the short visit of a day, i have my plan setup (almost), to cover as much as i can. surprisingly i did cover most of the Amritsar’s landmark.

I started with most sacred place of sikhism and world famous ‘The Golden Temple‘. Over 100,000 people visit the holy shrine daily for worship. as you can imagine, reaching there its not gonna be easy. We have to go through the busiest street and market in town, packed with amazing food and shops for everything.

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There is lot of heat in the air, so the ideas and options to break it. I really liked the idea of giving drinking water in bowl. There are other options also, like running water to cleanse and cool your feet, fans, big glass of lassi which i enjoyed thoroughly.


as mesmerising is the beauty of the golden temple, you have the similar effect on you after watching worshipers working selflessly in order to clean the floor, giving water to thirsty person or taking your shoes in the selfs.

temple is surrounded by these big gates-cum-watch towers. which gives grand entrance and protection to the temple.

Here are some of the clicks of ‘The Golden Temple’

this is all exterior of the great Gurudrawa, if you want to go inside you have to go through a long queue, which generally takes around an hour or two in normal days. Since we were visiting on friday afternoon, it have to considered as normal day. You got to see colourful graffiti, which is getting created with headband of different peoples standing in a queue.


There are lot of other activities also going on in the gurudwara, various disbursement by religious followers, chanting, people taking dip in holy pool etc etc.


Guard in his duty to protect holy pool water

DSC07411 I do want to spend more time in holy premises and see the view of temple in the night. I do want to visit newly open museum of various sikh artifacts, also i want to eat in the langhar. But time didn’t allow me to do all of those things. May be next time. there always a next time. 🙂

So after golden temple, i moved in to another stop of my journey. Which was coincidentally not far away from temple. ‘The Jaliyawala bagh’  known for the massacre, which took place on 13 April 1919 when a crowd of nonviolent protesters gathered in bagh, were fired upon by troops of the British army.

It a symbol to sacrifice made by freedom fighters in order to achieve the free India on which we live on. A big salute to all of them


This bagh has long wall, all around it and a narrow entry/exit point. Which was used to perform open firing to crowd

now, its an old memories, but scars can be seen wide open in the walls of the park.

After this I moved to see “beating retreat” border ceremony at India -Pakistan wagah border.


Its amazing to watch crowd go nut from both the side, our jawan will do parade and lower the flag and put it up again. Its proud feeling to witness such event in person. Shout all your guts out, ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’  & ‘Vande Matram’

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Amritsar is also an home to many royal architecture buildings i.e. Khalsa university etc.

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and as aways its great to visit new places with new and local friends.


exploring the world, one place at a time.

-$@(# in


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