Dubai Ferry… Ride to view city and sea

Date: 14th July

Place: Dubai, UAE

Dubai ferry ride is one of the best way to view Dubai sky scrappers. Its give you amazing ride experience of the sea in compare to bus or taxi ride in the roads.

We took the ferry from Al Ghubaiba stop, as this is the nearest one for us. There are others stops too.

The best time to take the ferry is evening, by doing so you get to see Day as well as the night view of Dubai. There is no doubt about that, Dubai looks way more beautiful after sun goes down and millions of light starts glowing.

It doesn’t matter, you took the gold pass or silver pass. Because most of the time you will be outside the sitting area, clicking pictures. We took the gold one since we didn’t know above fact.

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It took us away from creek area to open sea,

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The view of sunset over the wast sea keep you spell bound. I love watching sun rise/sunset. Everyday it brings different shade, different view,  different colour combinations. I just can’t have enough of it…


To be honest, ferry ride was more than I expected it to be. It took us deep in the sea, from where you got to see the widest range of Dubai skyline

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View of Burj Al Arab with its lighting is totally different than what you see in the day light.

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it takes us cruising along side of Burj Al Arab—>to—> Marina Area. Where you will see uniquely build sky scrappers,

but thats not all, view of boat clubs and parting people all over the places make you feel eccentric.

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After all the amazing ride, it leave you at the place which you don’t want to leave just yet.

Since there is still lot to explore..


as always.. exploring and capturing…..

-$@(# in


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